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Big Vanadium Project “Green Giant”, the third-biggest known deposit in the world

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
Big Vanadium Project “Green Giant”, the third-biggest known deposit in the world

This is what Brent Nykoliation declared, from the Energizer, a Canadian mining company that carries out this project in Madagascar. According to this large mining company, they will only start perations in 2014; the project being currently in its preparation phase. Note that 25 % of exploitable resources is currently perceived. From then on, Brent Nykoliation specifies that the company could supply up
to 14% of the global vanadium market thanks to this big deposit in Madagascar. Considering
the growth in demand for the metal, this Canadian company did not hesitate to take this
vanadium deposit in the Big Island. Moreover, vanadium has new uses namely in rechargeable batteries and large-scale energy storage units.
Not only the “Green Giant” project is the third biggest vanadium deposit in the world but the Canadian company also specifies that Madagascar resources can also genera…

Rajoelina's Promises

Tues, Feb 15, 2011 Rajoelina’s Presidential Ambition The possibility of his candidacy to the future presidential elections always intrigues. Certainly, the man recently affirmed that his “promise,” according to which he relinquishes highest office, no longer binds him insofar as the international community failed in keeping its promise to help Madagascar for the organization of election. In Toamasina, once again, the Malagasy president alluded to his presidential ambition “This…is a short and positive phase for the nation and demonstrates that the leaders of the Transition actually implement good governance. To conclude, this is what I would want to say: We are only in a transitional period. What about during non-transitional period?” he namely confirmed in front of the population of the Big Eastern Port City last week. Indeed, the President of the HAT wanted to show that the country’s management recorded a significant improvement throughout the transitional period. For this purpose, h…

Madagascar Oil

Mon, Feb 13, 2011: Madagascar Oil: Permit Issuance remains Uncertain According to gathered information, Madagascar Oil Ltd just met with the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons in order to try to resolve the difficulties regarding oil exploration on the Big Island. It was concluded from the meeting that the oil mining permits for Madagascar Oil is not probable. This leads to a change in the financial shares within the giant oil company. Quotation of shares in Madagascar Oil was established at 74% on December 17 when the current government responded that it wants to buy all the company’s permits, except for Bemolanga. The position of the current authorities on this matter is therefore not predictable; the meeting did not succeed to clarify the government’s position, therefore uncertainty exists. The Tsimiroro Block, which is also operated by Madagascar Oil is undertaken by the local regulator. Madagascar received £50.5M at 95% of a share when it joined AIM on November 29, 2010. This money…

Andry Rajoelina in Toamasina - Inauguration of several infrastructures

“Whereas Egypt is currently preparing its transition, it is already in its home straight in Madagascar,” declared Andry Rajoelina yesterday during his visit in the Big Port City. He was referring to the recent political events that happened in North Africa; the President of HAT reminded that Madagascar went through the same situation two years ago. According to the Head of the transition, the world seems to be conscious of the importance of the population’s aspirations. The President and the First Lady, as well as some members of the government and the congress of transition were in Toamasina last Saturday to inaugurate several infrastructures. In the agenda: the inauguration of the Anjoma market and the regional TVM and RNM new studio. Located in the Fokontany of Manangareza, Urban Commune of Toamasina, the Anjoma Market has tiled stalls, high standard lighting, water distribution and drainage system and can receive 300 stallholders. This new construction required a 1,300,000,000 Ari…

Mining Sector: Rio Tinto Commits to Responsible

The multinational Rio Tinto, which mines titan dioxide in Madagascar, decided to take “great part in responsible development in Africa,” expressed its diamond and minerals Responsible Harry Kenyon-Slaney yesterday. “We commit to build partnerships with local communities for their long term benefits and to work with governments in order to help them face the challenges that they encounter.” Rio Tinto also plans to hire more women and Africans for positions with responsibilities. In Madagascar, the corporate invested over 350 million dollars in infrastructures, namely for the construction of the deep-water port required for ilmenite export. This new port is open to other businesses, which shall contribute to local economic development. For Harry Kenyon-Slaney, the 21st Century should offer big opportunities to mining companies in Africa. The company, which conducts activities in eight countries within the continent, also expects doubling of world mining products demand within the next 1…

February 19th, 2011 - Mining and Oil Sectors Resource Curse threat lifted

Madagascar has to present its validation report of the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative to the secretary of EITI in Oslo by March 9, 2011. This initiative is based on transparency of taxes and royalties paid by mining industries and the money received by the government and its use.
This new deadly given due to the crisis in the country will probably be not respected. This validation step has different components, namely organization of a workshop to validate the EITI activities report, publication of the validated report after submission to the government. Up to date,  it is not yet scheduled by the EITI in Madagascar or the Ministry in charge. As a reminder, Madagascar could have completed all the steps of becoming an EITI member by the end of 2008. But the crisis has disrupted the established schedule.
We then asked for an extension of the deadline in order to finalize this last step after completing the other 4 steps, including declaration of EITI…

Feb 19, 2011 - Vanadium of Fotadrevo: Underestimation of Resources

Minerals Madagascar (ASX:mGy) started a vanadium exploration program under its permit in Fotadrevo, South of Madagascar. A recent regional study confirmed the mineralization of vanadium at resources Energizer Inc. (OTC:ENZR). At the end of 2010, Energizer announced the presence of NI43-101 resource with 59.6 million tons of deposit that contains 0.638% of vanadium (V2O5). This has positive impacts on the capacity of the Fotadrevo Project. A local consultant was appointed to help in the implementation and the putting in place of the project. The previous vanadium exploration programs conducted in 2009 confirmed the presence of the vanadium mineralization on about 6.5 km on the corporate land. Subsequent works in 2010 confirmed the presence of mineralization on at least  5 km. Geological interpretation shows a total of 35km of veins. Reprocessing of radiometric data will help determine actual mineralization. The field works will start after rain season.

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New mediation plan to solve Madagascar crisis

ANTANANARIVO (AFP) – A regional mediator has submitted a roadmap to Madagascar's political parties for a way out of the country's crisis that would keep Andry Rajoelina as interim leader, according to a copy obtained by AFP Tuesday.
The document, which must now be approved by Madagascan parties, confirms Rajoelina as "interim president" and recommends "the formation of a consensual and inclusive, interim national unity government."It was submitted by Leonardo Simao, the Mozambican mediating on behalf of the 15-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC).Madagascar has been in political crisis since the March 2009 army-backed ouster of president Marc Ravalomanana by Rajoelina, the former mayor of the capital Antananarivo.As a result the country was suspended from SADC.
The proposed caretaker government would "refrain from making long-term commitments and would put in place necessary conditions for credible, fair and transparent (legislative and p…