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About Me - until Feb 2013

I accepted a job transfer and moved to Madagascar (MG for short). I arrived August 8th, 2009 (with eyes as big as saucers) in Toamasina (also referred to as Tamatave). I love my job...most people would consider it boring, so I'll save you the details and won't "talk shop" on the blog.
I love, love, love, love MG. (Edit 2/12/2012: I'm not sure if I love it...)We might get in a fight or two every now and again....but for the most part, I feel honored and blessed to be here.

I remember my first week in MG. One night I was too scared to go into my house because there was a gecko on my door. That's right, a tiny little gecko. That was...well...a forever ago. Things have changed A LOT. I still struggle with the challenges of being away from home, living in a new country, climate, and culture, but I'm pretty impressed at how far I've come. (Edit: Feb 13, 2013: I still REALLY STRUGGLE!) I like to write about my thoughts about living here, the ups, the downs…