About Me - until Feb 2013

I accepted a job transfer and moved to Madagascar (MG for short). I arrived August 8th, 2009 (with eyes as big as saucers) in Toamasina (also referred to as Tamatave). I love my job...most people would consider it boring, so I'll save you the details and won't "talk shop" on the blog.
I love, love, love, love MG. (Edit 2/12/2012: I'm not sure if I love it...)We might get in a fight or two every now and again....but for the most part, I feel honored and blessed to be here.

I remember my first week in MG. One night I was too scared to go into my house because there was a gecko on my door. That's right, a tiny little gecko. That was...well...a forever ago. Things have changed A LOT. I still struggle with the challenges of being away from home, living in a new country, climate, and culture, but I'm pretty impressed at how far I've come. (Edit: Feb 13, 2013: I still REALLY STRUGGLE!) I like to write about my thoughts about living here, the ups, the downs, and every once and awhile, just some silliness.

Some other random stuff about me: 
  • I don't have any brothers/sisters but I have a great family.
  • Sometimes...I can bit of a baby and end up crying. Ok, maybe more than sometimes.
  • I am a bit of an organizational oxymoron. There are parts of my life that are meticulously organized and while others are in complete chaos (example: the state of my car. Most of my friends think I have raccoons living in the back of it because it's so messy...).[update 12/01/11: I don't have a car anymore!]
  • I think WAY too much. I worry WAY too much. I share WAY too much (ie: what my last bathroom visit looked like).
  • I have an easier time showing people how much they mean to me; rather than telling them.
  • Before moving to MG, I had never left North America. I had no desire to travel. Not even to Europe.
  • I'm absent minded. I tell people it's because I'm so highly intelligent that I don't have room for the "little stuff".
  • I met my boyfriend husband   (to be ex-husband in May 2016 :( ).  He's French Canadian. A few years older than me. Has two beautiful daughters that I've been lucky enough to get to know. It's ah...a unique experience being with someone from Quebec. I speak French and he speaks English....but there are still a lot of funny times where neither of us understands what the other is saying. He pretty much rocks.  Well, most of the time!
  • I can have a weird sense of humor that not everyone gets.
  • Sometimes I'm outgoing....and sometimes I can get shy...
  • I take most things way too personally (am working on that one...).
  • My favorite book, hands down, is Eat, Pray, Love. I loved it so much and thought the journey that she went through was so important. I looked into living in an Ashram....to have the same kind of experience....but it didn't seem...."me". Then...this job came up, and I realized I could go to through a similar journey - but tailored to me - in my own way - and not just following the someone else's journey already written about in that book.
  • I am addicted to chocolate and cookies. It's ridiculous.
  • I am a horrible speller. HORRIBLE. This blog will contain about a bazillion spelling/grammar mistakes.  

Well...that's all for now... Thanks for continuing to read my blog.