Moving... yikes!

First off...I'm moving...

Second, WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW. This is so crazy. I can’t beleive I AM MOVING TO MADAGASCAR. Until a few years ago, I’m not sure if I even know Madagascar existed. I saw the first Disney movie, and that’s pretty much all I knew…. and now, I’m moving there is less than 2 months.
Some facts about this move:

  • I’ll be living in Tamatave, Toamasina. Its a port on the Indian Ocean
  • I will be living in a “camp” that is basically like an all inclusive resort – has a pool, gym, etc.
  • I will work LONG hours and LONG days – I only get Sundays off – for six weeks straight.
  • I am then on vacation for three weeks. I have the option to come home or to use my travel allowance to travel the world.
  • We fly business class. Yee haw! That’s important since the flight is 26 hrs (and I’m really tall). I have been on all the airlines looking at their business class set up. Some of them have full beds! And we get cool toiletries and sleeping suits for when we fly!
  • I will be doing this work for 2 years – at which point I hope to come back and work in Fort Saskatchewan again.
  • I will have to work really, really hard. There will be a lot of days I will be coming home crying, I think!
    I will be working mainly in French. Lucky for me, I was in French Immersion – unlucky for me, I graduated high school 10 years ago. I have been practicing since I have been working on this project, so I hope that will help.
    I consider it a bit of a compliment to be considered for this project and an even bigger compliment to be brought on this team. It will be hard, hard work – but I think the experience is amazing.
  • I’m scared shitless. I’m also excited!

I just CAN’T get over that this will be my new home:

I haven’t been sleeping a lot since I found out. Some nights – because of excitement, others because I’m scared and nervous. I am basically bi-polar the last week – sometimes I’m happy and others I’m on the verge of tears. I’ve been assured that’s normal for someone moving that far away….but its a very odd, eerie feeling!