Brad and Angelina...I feel your pain.

I'm one of five women here. One of one women under...fourty or fifty.

The benefit of that? Whenever I go for a run in camp - If anything were to happen - if I fell or tripped - I have fifty men that are watching out for me and could come to the rescue and get me any medical attention.

The bad? I have 50 men watching me as I run past their window. And at least 5 people that I run into on my way to/from supper ask me how my run was. Urgh. Once I would just like to do something without the entire world knowing about it. Or at least the entire town of Tamatave.

How am I going to handle my non-celebrity status when I go back to Canada and I'm not watched every where I go?!?

This blog was gettting too deep - I just had to put a random and stupid complaint in here.


  1. Thank God. We'll take random and stupid any day. I hope you won't expect that celebrity status when you're home.See you soon. Love Gand G xxoo

  2. so if they as a couple are called Brangelina....we should call you Nicolina?
    You can be a celebrity in your mind when you return to canada.


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