Day 1 - I think its going okay?

So far....(and its very early in the journey) its been really good? Nothing too crazy... a projectile vomit mid-air thanks to me not paying attention to the medication directions for the anti-malarial pills... but the flight wasn't too bad. The Tamatave airport is ridiculous. I hate it. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Total chaos and pushing and shoving and no one really knows what anyone is doing....especially me.
My boss picked me up from the airport and then another lady I know already met me at my new home. She was thrilled for me to be here, we shared a glass of wine, had some tears (big surprise!... NOT!) and then went for supper.
There is a big "do" in the bar tonight, some kind of rubgy game...but I want to blend in a bit first, and I think a new girl walking in to a bar full of rugby guys isn't the way to start things off.
I spoke a lot of French on the way here and was surprised how quickly it does come back to me, even when I'm exhausted. I've had a few times where I revert back and fourth, but other than that, it has all gone well. I think I did speak Spanish to the flight attendant briefly, but that's about it.
My room smells yucky like wetness, but other than that, its pretty good. I will bring some touches of home the next time I visit. I'm so, so, so happy to be living near Rox. She is super balsy and doesn't put up with any shit. She gets things that she asks for and she knows what she wants. So she's a good person to have living near by!!! She did such a great job welcoming me, so did my boss. I've met a few expats and they all seem incredibly friendly. I think the French helps tremendously. I guess being a girl helps too.

I was a bit upset in the St. Denis airport. I had been sick earlier and hadn't been able to talk to anyone from home. I didn't have any Euros and they didnt accept credit cards. I went to talk to the shop owner....gave him my best sad face, and he just decided to give me the card. I was almost in tears (surprise again...). On my way back, I am going to stop off and pay him for the card and thank him again. It was a simple gesture but really, really helped me a lot.

I'm feeling a bit confused and a bit nervous....but so far, I'm okay. Calling everyone on Skype tonight helped a lot. It was great hearing voices from Canada and it didn't even really feel like I was far away. I'm tearing up a bit.

Plan for tomorrow - pool, walk around camp, and TAKE PICTURES!!! I have only taken 2 to date!!!


  1. Your pretty balsy too.Nice garden.Good Luck on your first day,
    Love Grandma and Grandpa

  2. Awesome!!! at least you have a friend to drink wine with!! Take lots of pics, can't wait to hear more stories.


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