My 1st grocery store trip

Went today with Rox to hunt down an iron, coffee pot, and tea kettle (hers electrocuted me last night!!) and I had my own driver today so we set out on the town.

I didn't really have a need for anything but wanted to buy a few things...

I was curious how much things cost so I picked up a few things

2 cans of Coke Zero (Ar$2800 or $1.60 CDN)
1 can of Coca Cola (Ar$1300 or $0.75)
1 small glass bottle of Black Currant Fanta (Ar$2890 or $1.65 CDN)
3 cans of Three Horse Beer (Ar$4200 or $2.40 CDN)
1 bottle of South African Red Wine (Ar$11990 or $6.85 CDN)
1 small bottle of body lotion - Malagasy Brand (Ar$2890 or $1.65 CDN)

For a GRAND TOTAL OF Ar$23880 (roughly $13.65 CDN)

Its extremely hard to judge how much things are... and some things are weirdly priced. But it was cool to finally go into a store.

Outside the store I experienced my first beggar child. There were a group of them waiting outside the store. One little boy followed us, motioning his hand to his mouth, banging on the window, asking for food or money, and then held on to the truck as we drove away. I knew about the poverty and the children before hand...and for some reason, this particular incident didn't bother me, I'm sure it will get to me eventually, but I think everything is just too new for me to process it. I do wish I hadn't seen Slumdog Millionaire though.


  1. sounds like the first shopping trip was successful, break yourself in gently for future trips.
    just remember the little kid we had in PV that we gave pesos to and they the big guns came out and followed with his was stay strong!
    love, mom


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