"Surreal" is the new "Interesting"

I saw so so so SO many things in the last 72 hours that it’s going to take me a few days to remember it all.


Part of my weekend involved having a driver take me and 2 Australians to Full Point, which is the “cool” beach to go to in Tamatave. At some points during the drive, I had to just close my eyes. I felt like my brain couldn’t keep up with what I was seeing and couldn’t process it all (and I was crazy hung-over, which didn’t help).


It’s impossible to describe the scenery along the drive with…words… Beautiful, breathtaking, etc… can’t even begin to do justice. The scenery changes drastically from one five minutes to the next… Different types of mini-villages (lasting maybe a block or two), different types of forests, animals darting out into the middle of the road, strange creatures, rivers, lakes, farms (rice, pineapple, and another type of fruit we can’t figure out), lemurs (one jumped on one of my friend’s back!), canals, men on boats, different colors of people (as you get farther from the main town, the skin color and facial features get so incredibly different), the ocean, construction signs, a pig on the back of a bicycle, cows almost climbing the side of a mountain to eat grass (while on a leash)…all of this was just…overwhelming?


It doesn’t’ make much sense to say that sitting in a car driving seeing sights can be overwhelming… but it was so incredibly different and breathtaking and beautiful and indescribable…. And…surreal.


I took over 200 pictures, but at some points, I just stopped taking pictures. I can’t capture this place in one photo (or a thousand or a billion), so I just put my camera away and watched everything around me and enjoyed it.


Maybe next year or even next month, this won’t all seem to be so new and overwhelming, but right now – every time I leave the camp it’s an adventure. Even if its driving to work and back…everything is…so new (for example, Saturday afternoon, I watched about fifteen cows running down the main street on their way to the butcher). With my commute to work, I get at least two adventures every, single day. I am pretty lucky.


I’ll go through my pictures in the next few days and write about some of this weekend’s experiences. Until then, I just posted a few pictures from the “surreal weekend”. I’m sure it’s the first of many…