What Channel is the Evening News?

There was a fire that destroyed a village near Full Point yesterday or the day before. Full Point is a beach about 2 hours away from here where people can go surfing and swimming and the scenery is said to be breathtaking.

I had heard bits and pieces about the fire, but everyone I had talked to couldn’t answer any of the questions I had asked and details were few. So I did what most Canadians my age would do. Log on to the internet, and Google search “feu Full Point”.

I must have searched for a good ten minutes wondering why I couldn’t find anything…  and then I realized…uh…. Duh. They don’t have the daily newspapers here… I can’t pick between Global or CTV to watch my evening news… I have to listen to the locals to find out what is happening… and they find out through word of mouth. It’s not the quickest or most accurate source of info… but.. it’s the only one!


Anyway, another interesting moment for me.