Not much goin' on....

Haven’t had much to say the last couple of days, but I wanted to post something after the post about the security issues. (And I won’ t have any more security updates until a big meeting next Friday).

So here are a few random update points:

1. I have a new neighbor!

The house that I live in is divided into four different units, with all units sharing a central foyer area. Its been basically empty since I’ve been here except for me and the other Canadian. Yesterday this girl (who I’ve met a few times and I think she is SO NICE) moved in. She is… just over 30 I think. WOO HOO!! Another girl in camp and another girl under the age of 50!!! She is no longer allowed to live in her own house by herself since the security incident, so she got to come and live with us!

She brought so much stuff – our house is actually starting to look like a house and not a hotel! It make me realize that I really need to do more decorating in my unit….Pictures and all that other decorating junk.

2. I’m going on a boat trip this weekend!

Another expat has rented a boat and captain this Sunday. We’ll whale watch from 08h00 until 11h30, and then go deep sea fishing until the late afternoon. I’m not all about fishing…but I am all about parking my ass on a boat in the sun and enjoying a nice day. There are 12 of us going in total – and the other 11 – are a blast (I know I’ve said that a million times probably). Beer, water, lunch, snacks and fishing equipment are provided.

3. Pampered Accountant

I found out about a “spa” yesterday that has recently opened. I’m getting a pedicure and manicure Saturday evening.

Seems like a late time to go to the spa, but I work until about 18h30, so it’s awesome that they’ll get me in that late. Total cost is $32.50 CDN. I have heard about other places, but this one is….well, not in a mud hut.

4. Coca-cola

I am officially banning myself from drinking the Coca-Cola here. It seriously makes me RIDICULOUSLY hyper and I think that it gives me heart palpatations or something!!! It’s made with “real” sugar and not high fructose syrup or whatever and everyone says it has more caffeine as well. All I know is that after I drink it I feel like I could run two marathons. Which would be okay if I was out running two marathons, but I have to sit at my desk all day and try and concentrate. It sucks.

5. Malagasy

I have added a few new phrases to my repertoire (the locals STILL get excited or giggle whenever I say any phrase)

Have a good meal? (past tense)
Having a good meal.
(current tense)

Had a good meal! (future tense)

It’s actually really hard to say! And they say it FAST!!



(just in case anyone wants to practice at home…)

Ok…that’s all I got.


  1. Hi Nicole, We are really glad to hear of your new housing companion. Hope it works well for everyone. Almost the weekend and your's sounds like fun. Make sure you use sunscreen or you'll get so brown the natives will take you for a abborition. Love G and G xxoo

  2. Hi-Sa-ka-fo-tSa-ra....egg you are jealous!
    have a good day or evening.
    love, mom


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