See ya in December!

And I'm off again! I'm sitting in the Toronto airport, sipping a glass of wine as I type this.

Part of me is so excited...the other part is nervous! Kind of like a "back to school" type feeling.
I'm looking forward to seeing my good friends again...but nervous to be back in a country that makes me feel a little crazy at times.
Yesterday I was a bit of an emotional wreck! A lot of crying, a lot of running around with no real purpose and just being I'm looking forward to being setttled back home again.

Thanks to everyone that made an effort to come see me and spend time with me. It was so nice to see everyone, meet a few new people, and live the high life for a few weeks! It was great to always smell so nice! I miss how great Canada smells... (even in my ghetto side of town!!)

I'll be back December 14th ready to spend some time with you all again....especially baby Emma. So happy she is safe and sound back home. Made me leaving a lot easier!!

Now what I'm excited about?! Halloween!! I basically have an entire suitcase filled with costumes for me and the other expats! I'm determined to have a huge Halloween party! Must be Dan's influence rubbing off on me!