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Seventy pounds of fish

I just checked out my blog and realized I haven't posted anything for a week.

I didn't realize how quickly the past week has been.... big bosses in town, working hard, playing hard...

I have a bunch of posts in the works...but I never seem to have the time to finish them.
And I've been doing this wonderful thing in the mornings (when I usually do my blog) called "sleeping in". I'm going into my seventh week here...and...well, I'm definetly feeling a bit more tired than usual.

So - I promise I'll have a bunch of posts soon - but in the mean time - I'll leave you with a picture of one of my most amazing fun days here.

I caught this kingfish. Alllll by myself. And yes, that is fish blood on my leg, and yes, I did have to scrub it off like.... three hours later.
The fish was 70 pounds - AND - was the biggest of the day. No one likes a boasting fisherman (or fisherwoman, I guess... fisherperson??) - but WOOO HOO!!! I caught the biggest fish!

And, when I wasn&…

My first attempt at sea kayaking

As I briefly wrote about here, I made my first attempt at sea kayaking. I was pretty tired to begin with..and not really in the mood for didn't take a whole lot of convincing for me to go in the water and try it out.

The waves were fairly calm (compared to a few weekends ago) so I went for it.

We lugged out the kayaks and got our safety gear on. Thank goodness for the two instructors giving me some tips.

Tip #1 - If you fall off the kayak - never let the kayak get between the wave and your body. I learned this the hard way in shallow water...and have a huge bruise on my leg to show for it. Thankfully I learned this early on and wasn't actually hurt.

Helmet - check!
Lifevest - check!

And off I go!

Attempt #1

Didn't go very far. The waves are very strong and hard, and between paddling and trying to keep balance and fighting off the waves, it took me a few tries to figure out how to make it work.

Attempt #2 - Unsuccessful again. Its at this point I unde…

Weekend Recap: Nov 20 - 22

Friday night started with a very nice dinner out at Darafifi. Silly name for a restaurant, but:
a) I've never gotten sick there
b) It is incredibly scenic (not captured by this picture).
c) The staff are so incredibly friendly
d) I've never gotten sick there (its worth being said twice)

I never feel guilty for not finishing my plate...there's always plenty of help with the leftovers.

Saturday morning started off looking like rain. There are two reasons that I don't mind when its rainy: 1. It means is cooler and I'm not going to sweat my face off before I get to work, and 2. I know how to say, "It looks like rain today" in Malagasy. I get to walk around work and say to every Malagasy person, "It looks like rain today!", "It looks like rain today!" and we all get excited that I'm speaking Malagasy (or at least they fake it. Right now, I don't care. I am excited that I am speaking Malagasy)
But on the way back to the office, things cleared…

Remaining Unadjusted

As much as I love to say that I think I’m beginning to adjust as well as possible to MG – there is one part of me (made up of several thousand parts, I’m sure) that is not adjusting so well to MG.

My stomach.

I spent another (wasted) day laying in bed with my a bowl puking my guts out. Sunday night, I had pizza for supper (and from camp, no less) and then started getting sick, and sicker, and then sicker. Was up all night…getting sick.

Thankfully I have an abundance of co-workers and friends calling, texting, and emailing to ask if I’m okay or need anything. I went to the doctor’s – who confirmed – it was either something viral or food poisoning. Gave me a boatload of medication for nausea, fever, and body aches. Oh – and vitamins since I can’t eat.

I’m all about getting my body stronger through running and yoga…but I need to be thinking about getting my stomach in much better shape. (This next sentence will bring so much joy to my mom – because she has been talking about this for YEARS!!…

And day of rest and relaxation

I've been talking about it for weeks now....all I wanted was a relaxing Sunday...

As much as I love going out with everyone and having all of these exciting plans...My body and mind had been craving a day like today for some time.

And - even though it wasn't what I had originally planned (but since when do plans actually work out in MG...), it was one of the best, most relaxing, and enjoyable Sundays I've had.

My weekend in pictures to be posted tomorrow or Tuesday....but for right now, I'm too busy relaxing.

Missin' my buds

I can't say that I'm homesick...because its not Canada I miss...I'm really happy to be living where I'm living right now...its just...I miss my loved ones who just happen to live in Canada.

Even with all the AMAZING AMAZING FREINDS I have here with me...I still really miss everyone back home....especially my BFF and BFF jr!! Okay, and even my BFF's hubby. ;)

I look at these pictures at least a few times a week...and think of you guys (and don't tear up at all.....ya right!)

I didn't realize how often I'd pop round on my way home from work for a few minutes, or go to Sobeys, or Walmart. Or some other totally random outing that without the two of you would be completely boring - but with the two of you is always fun and silly and makes me feel that even though I am a grown up (shhh! Don't tell anyone) - that we will never actually grow up.

When we're old grannies - we'll go for a drive to Walmart (or take the Handi-bus if we have to) and you'l…

Malagasy version of "this little piggy went to market"

Here is the view from my office:

I know…nothing spectacular. But it lets the natural light in and I get to see cool stuff happen from time to time.

Like…today…it was about 17h45…I start to hear this noise.
Its loud.
I'm thinking its probably one of the nationals' cell phones. Some of them have crazy ring tones (and I will soon have one too, once I figure out how...) So I ignored it for a bit.

And then the noise becomes louder and louder and I look out the window.

There is a live pig that was riding on a pousse-pousse – but he somehow fell off.
To jog your memory - this is a pousse-pousse.

So there is this pig, riding on a pousse-pousse, he's fallen off, and his owners are trying to pick him up and get him back on.

But…he's too heavy (has he been eating regularly at the mess hall? All the meals there are so high calorie!). So the pig just laid there screaming or squealing...or whatever it is pigs do that makes that awful noise (can you tell I didn't grown up near a farm?)

And no matter how much I try....

...I'll never be able to keep up with the big dogs. :)

Somehow...I don't think that will stop me from trying.

24 hours Trek: Tamatave - Moramanga - Antananarivo - Tamatave

Last rotation I was supposed to for a visit to the mine site (y'all know I work for a mining and refinery company right?) but I didn't have time.

So this rotation worked out perfectly since my Canadian boss was here and wanted to go as well. Now I'd have a travelling partner (that I actually enjoy spending time with).

We started off the morning fairly early at the airport. Flying doesn't normally bother me, but I wasn't thrilled to be flying on this little plane...

(I actually got in trouble for taking this picture because its illegal in Madagascar to take any pictures in an airport...but...its totally legal to pee anywhere in the streets)

I tried to enjoy the scenery, but there was this protective film on the window that made it hard to see out. I was also reeeaaalllly tired, so I took advantage of the hour long flight and had an awesome nap.

Until we landed on the runway...which was just a field. New experience for me.

The drive to the mine took about 30 minutes or s…