Malagasy version of "this little piggy went to market"

Here is the view from my office:

I know…nothing spectacular. But it lets the natural light in and I get to see cool stuff happen from time to time.

Like…today…it was about 17h45…I start to hear this noise.
Its loud.
I'm thinking its probably one of the nationals' cell phones. Some of them have crazy ring tones (and I will soon have one too, once I figure out how...) So I ignored it for a bit.

And then the noise becomes louder and louder and I look out the window.

There is a live pig that was riding on a pousse-pousse – but he somehow fell off.
To jog your memory - this is a pousse-pousse.

So there is this pig, riding on a pousse-pousse, he's fallen off, and his owners are trying to pick him up and get him back on.

But…he's too heavy (has he been eating regularly at the mess hall? All the meals there are so high calorie!). So the pig just laid there screaming or squealing...or whatever it is pigs do that makes that awful noise (can you tell I didn't grown up near a farm?)
This poor pig laid there for like...five solid minutes before his owners found a piece of twine, tied it around the pig’s ankle, somehow convinced (??) the pig to get up onto its feet (The Malagasy are generally very accomodating, I guess it applies to the livestock as well). And off they went – taking their pig for a walk…to market.
But…unlike me, the little piggie (or big in this case) wasn't going to barter for vanilla or baskets made out of banana leaves...

My work is about a five minute walk from the slaughter house.

When I saw what was happening, I let out a huge gasp. One of the nationals came over to see what the problem was…and then he kind of laughed at me.

There were like…thirty people sitting at their desks all listening to this pig – knowing what was going on – and they didn’t even flinch. Like if they got up every single time there was a live pig laying on the ground screaming they wouldn’t get ANY work done.

When would I ever see anything like that?

And…the most disappointing part? I didn’t get a picture of it the whole thing!!!!
But…I think I might not have pork for supper tonight. Although – I probably should – obviously its fresh meat.

And one quick side note...if a Malagasy pig can get a ride to take him to his ultimate death...why can't I manage to get myself a driver?


  1. That slaughter house must hurt you sensitive heart.G@G

  2. It may have hurt my pre-MG heart...but my post-MG heart is really interested in the slaughter house for some weird reason. Malacrazy maybe.


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