My first attempt at sea kayaking

As I briefly wrote about here, I made my first attempt at sea kayaking. I was pretty tired to begin with..and not really in the mood for didn't take a whole lot of convincing for me to go in the water and try it out.

The waves were fairly calm (compared to a few weekends ago) so I went for it.

We lugged out the kayaks and got our safety gear on. Thank goodness for the two instructors giving me some tips.

Tip #1 - If you fall off the kayak - never let the kayak get between the wave and your body. I learned this the hard way in shallow water...and have a huge bruise on my leg to show for it. Thankfully I learned this early on and wasn't actually hurt.

Helmet - check!
Lifevest - check!

And off I go!

Attempt #1

Didn't go very far. The waves are very strong and hard, and between paddling and trying to keep balance and fighting off the waves, it took me a few tries to figure out how to make it work.

Attempt #2 - Unsuccessful again.
Its at this point I understand why a wetsuit is worn. My bathing suit attire is not the most practical for the Indian ocean. I've almost lost the bottoms more than once.

Attempt #3 - Made it to the other side! Once I was on the other side of the waves, it was fairly relaxing and not as difficult to keep on paddling.

This moment required a dorky self portrait.

And an attempt to take a picture of what was on the other side of me. I have yet to get out to this little island.

One day soon.... or not. I have another....year and a half (???) to make it out there.