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Tasmanian Travels - Feb 21 - 24, 2010

For some weird reason (maybe because I am....) I was HUGELY into the idea of going to Tasmania. Hadn't heard of anything about it, didn't know anything about it, didn't put two-and-two together and realize that was the home of the Tasmania devil - I just thought it was THE COOLEST place to go on my Australian vacation. I just had one travelling partner with me this time - we had rented a car - he had already been there and kind of knew his way of the land, and I was so excited!!

So off we go at 5h30 a.m. to the Sydney airport (am getting so incredibly sick of cabs here. Truly my only complaint against Australia....) and a quick hour later, I arrive in a the teeny little Hobart airport.

With the cutest little welcoming dog. Okay...he's not a welcoming dog. He personally sniffs all carry on and checked luggage for flora and fauna.
He walks along the luggage belt, climbing over suitcases if he needs to, never getting too far away from his boss, sniffing along. He ended u…

Vacation brain....

I’ve been trying to keep track of the days since I’ve arrived in Australia – so that I’d have some funny or interesting blog posts – things that I’m doing, how I’m feeling, where I’m going, who I’m with, people I’m meeting, the beaches I’m loving – but really – since I’ve arrived, my brain has completely SHUT OFF (and thank needed a break after this past rotation)...

But...ninety percent of the time, I don’t have a clue what time it is - which has only really sucked once when we went for supper and found out that it was almost 23h00 – and every single kitchen in Manly was closed for the night (but...actually – that wasn’t so bad because we all ended up buying meat pies, a bottle of wine, and drank out of paper cups on the beach). I never know what I’m doing the next day, or maybe the next hour....and I could really care less.

I think this is THE true definition of a real vacation. I’m not experiencing each and every one of Sydney’s highlights – but what I am doing i…

Australian Vacation - Days One and Two

I know, I know...I've been here for five I'm a bit behind. But seriously - internet has been hard to find!!

In Canada, we seem to have free wireless internet in any cafe. Not here. I've had to look high and low...finally found like this wireless card...I hope that it works...

The flight to Sydney was pretty uneventful. I drank um... a bit too much champagne (surprise...its seriously hard to keep track of the glasses when they come around every three seconds and top it up) and...well...again, I was travelling drunk. Great.

I thought it was best if I went to get ready for bed, I got out my free travel kit, went to the bathroom to change, but COULD NOT open the toothpaste (it's hard to open sober - never mind after x glasses of champagne...). So I just squeezed down on the tube as hard as I could – and – as you can predict – this resulted in toothpaste EVERYWHERE. So now I'm drunk in a tiny little bathroom trying to clean up the toothpaste – the whole time t…
Having a great time in Australia...just can't seem to find internet and a power source at the same time to upload pictures (of which there are many!)

Loving the beach (I am swimming in the Pacific Ocean now, which seems weird?), the food (mostly the selection of food!!), the company, the wine, and the outdoors. Have already been swimming in my ginchies and eaten some great seafood. I almost forgot how fun life in a first world country can be (um...except that's pretty much what I do in MG...but here it's cleaner and I have a bazillion choices to pick from).

Better post to come as soon as I can find internet!!! (I just have to say - I found a Starbucks AND a slurpee!! Life is great. :))

24 in the 974

Now That could possibly the coolest blog post title I've ever come up with.

I Finally had to nerve to ask what the number 974 meant. I've been to La Reunion least six times - and have always seen this number “974” on necklaces, everything. It’s like the area code or district. I guess on an island that’s as little as this, the fact that you have your own district number is so cool that you have to like seriously publicize it.

Anyway, my 24 in the 924 began with a super tired me.

I arrived, was given my welcome cocktail (something with rum in it...but I’m dreaming of a mojito...), walked around a bit, enjoyed being in a first-world-ish environment, ordered a cheese and fruit tray – for the tune of £18. Frick. Everything here is SUPER expensive. But...I’m on vacation and was far too tired to do something civilized like eat in a restaurant and not laying in bed, watching TV.

There a whole group of expats ( that are all staying in the hotel, …