24 in the 974

Now That could possibly the coolest blog post title I've ever come up with.

I Finally had to nerve to ask what the number 974 meant. I've been to La Reunion like...at least six times - and have always seen this number “974” on necklaces, t-shirts...like everything. It’s like the area code or district. I guess on an island that’s as little as this, the fact that you have your own district number is so cool that you have to like seriously publicize it.

Anyway, my 24 in the 924 began with a super tired me.

I arrived, was given my welcome cocktail (something with rum in it...but I’m dreaming of a mojito...), walked around a bit, enjoyed being in a first-world-ish environment, ordered a cheese and fruit tray – for the tune of £18. Frick. Everything here is SUPER expensive. But...I’m on vacation and was far too tired to do something civilized like eat in a restaurant and not laying in bed, watching TV.

There a whole group of expats (ok...like...3) that are all staying in the hotel, so another expat and I made plans to hang out later the next day.

I woke up (early – DAMMIT!!) and went for breakfast. There were so many pastries I didn’t know where to even start...I limited myself to two small ones... but really wanted like... five? Okay, let’s be honest – French pastries? I wanted nine...

So I had to kept it to two pastries and tried a passion fruit. I’ve always seen them. I think I’ve had some kind of passion fruit puree at one point in my life, but it was neat to try one.

I ran into the 3rd expat with his family and he mentioned he was going shopping somewhere. SHOPPING?
I go six weeks without setting foot in a store that doesn’t at one point make me gag because it smells so horribly (I still love Tamatave...I’m just stating facts here...), so I was all over it, as was the other expat I had made plans with.

A quick £20 cab ride and we were at the only mall that was open on a Sunday. I looked around, bought a ridiculously expensive t-shirt, went to a supermarket – kind of like Wal-mart, got overwhelmed by all the choices, bought some water, and then wanted to go back to the hotel.

And no - I did not eat here - but I was shocked to see a McDonalds on a teeny, tiny island (and it was so expensive!)

Spending another £20 cab ride seemed a bit ridiculous, so we hoped on the bus....

(remember its hot here and my body still thinks it’s in Canada...yes, I am always covered in sweat, and yes, it is gross) and rode it...for a long time.

We kept our eyes out for a pay phone.. But nothing. Finally – we saw what seemed to be the only restaurant in town and stopped for a drink (Okay – I needed something to eat, or I was going to get into my “cranky-monster-because-my-blood-sugar-is-low” phase).
While we were there, the local crazy person/bum came and chat with us...then the police were called and he walked away. I would have loved to take pictures of him, but....it didn’t really seem appropriate.

We saw this taxi stand across the street and waited there for a few minutes. But from everything that I had experienced up to that point – was that like...things don’t work like normal on a Sunday in La Reunion. So, I walked up to two guys that were having a chat by their cars and asked them how to get a taxi. They told me to keep walking down this one road for a long time. I asked how long it would take, and he just said, hey – come with me, I’ll drive you. He was well dressed, had a nice car, we are on a tiny little island, the other expat was with me...so I figured it was safe. Nothing like a nice smile to get you a free ride (does this count as hitchhiking??).

We got to the hotel he mentioned, and saw that we were right on the ocean. At which point....I had to do some exploring. I climbed down this...wall of rocks (scrapped my arm, but was okay) to see what they were. They are like...little jumping fish.

But then I was stuck down there...and couldn’t get back up because it was too slippery. A local yelled at me to take off my shoes, and that worked perfectly (Shouldn’t I have thought of this? I hate wearing shoes since moving to MG).

I climbed back up, went for a nice light lunch (that contained smoked marlin...which kept reminding me of a dolphin....I had to put that idea out of my mind...and just eat).

Then – found the hotel that we were supposed to call the taxi from and paid for a £25 cab ride. Hmp. Oh, well...it was a fun experience and gave us the tour of the city.
I got back to the hotel just in time for a super quick swim, a quick yoga podcast, and then off to the airport.

But – I was ½ an hour early. So they would not let me check my bags. I’m flying freaking first class – and they refuse to check my bags THIRTY minutes early? Not impressed.

To kill some time, I went to get a bite to eat...and saw this at the cafe.
I think Tim Hortons just rolled over in his grave.

I decided, I didn't want to go into debt to have a light supper, so I thought it was best to go through security and see what the airline lounge had to offer.
(And...I think...the reason that they call this place the 924 region is because you can't set foot outside the airport without spending £924..)
I love the airport lounge...they have an infite supply of wines, champagne, any kind of liquor, or juice that you can imagine...BUT - bread with caviar and cream cheese and all kinds of things that would turn my stomach upside down....

I am so...hungry..and soooo tired...

...and already had one glass of wine, am working on a glass of champagne, I’m about to finish this blog and go buy some chocolate.

Why? Uh, duh - Because its Valentine's day - which therefore makes it perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate for supper. It's like...a well known fact, in case you didn't already know.

So here I am...exhausted...(possibly half drunk), but I really wanted to post what I did today (before my tired brain forgets)because it was a totally awesome day.
And I am counting down the minutes until I can get on the plane and sleep for eleven hours. And then...wake up in Sydney, Australia?

What? I understand that yes, I hop on a plane and it flies there... but it still seems so incredibly surreal...(especially in my exhausted, half drunk, chocolateless state).
Off to buy chocolate.

Next post...Australia!!


  1. Happy Valentines day Nicole. Have a good sleep and a gday in Australia.Love G&G xxoo


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