Green for Luck

Type "St. Patrick's Day and the color green" into a Google search, and you get oh...830,000 or so results... A few sites suggested that Green is worn on St. Patrick's Day for luck.

"Green is the colour of Ireland, of mysterious deeds, of an awakening earth, of the mist that lies in the hollows foretelling the coming of spring, of the shoots whose green colour deepens as they stretch toward the sun. Green is a verdant countryside and the colour of the finest season of the year - it is no wonder that wearing a bit of it wards off bad luck! "

I'm not a supersticious person, and I think I'm already exceptionally lucky...but let's face it, I'll use any excuse to dress up goofaley* and get together with good friends....
*(yes, on this blog, goofaley IS a word - derived from "goofy" and can be used as an adjective or a verb)

At last night's St. Patrick's Day celebration there was:

Green drink

Green food

Green shirts (for the bartender and waitress at the Expat Bar and of course, for myself)
Green friends

Green eyes, green eyeshadow, and green glasses.

BUT - the green stopped there. I was extremely well behaved and left the party before I wasn't green this morning....

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  1. Cute pictures. Glad you behaved and aren't kind of off colored green today from to much drink. Ireland is truely the greenest country you will ever see. It is truely beautiful.Love G@G xxoo