I made a new friend

Meet my new friend, Tovy. He lives near Le Bateau Ivre, a restaurant/bar that is frequented by most of the expats.

There are always cats roaming inside...but not often dogs.
Usually, I'd stay away from stray dogs..but I've seen him around here before...and he just looked particularly cute yesterday afternoon...

I gave him half of my steak....but...after a few more glasses of wine...we all decided he needed some more food... to keep him going.

Somehow (and I'm not joking) a steak was ordered for him (I asked for no sauce, because I didn't think sauce was good for dogs...)
He was very happy and used excellent table manners....
I didn't think we would feed him the fries, but no one else would eat them...and he is...essentially starving...so I offered them to him....(yes, I know fries aren't probably good for dogs either...)
He loved them...

But he almost looks like he's feeling a little guilty here...worried about those transfats, Tovy?

Or maybe he felt bad that he couldn't pay for dinner....
So he tried to get some money....
But we paid the tab for him. :D
He was very, very happy for it.

I don't make a practive of petting/touching stray dogs....and I'm happy to say this morning that I don't have fleas or anything (...yet...) and it's probably not the best thing to feed a dog steak and fries...especially in a country where there are PEOPLE who don't eat that well... but sometimes....you just gotta do what you just gotta do.
And Tovy sure isn't complaining.

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  1. Good for you.We're all gods creatures and who said dogs couldn't have fries.
    Love G@Gxxoo