Looks like I'm going to Tana (Antananarivo)....

I don't have time for a real post....so I thought I'd share an email I received from a Malagasy employee who has touched the hearts of a few expats here....

I am so, so, so excited about this. SO EXCITED!!

(His translation into English isn't great - but you get the idea... )

J’ai l’immense joie de vous faire part de mon mariage qui sera célébré le 27 Mars 2010.
La bénédiction nuptiale sera donnée à l’église Zoara Fanantenana Ambohipo à 10h30
A l’issue de la cérémonie, pour ceux qui sont disponibles, nous aurons le plaisir vous accueillir au vin d’honneur qui aura lieu à partir de 13h00 à l’espace CNEAGR Nanisana

It is an honor for me to inform you about my wedding which will be celebrated on March 27th, 2010. Holy Trinity will be given to the Church Zoara Fanantenana Ambohipo at 10h30 AM
Antananarivo. If you are available, we look forward to welcoming you to attend the wedding ceremony at 01:00PM at CNEAGR Nanisana Antananarivo.

I will be attending a traditional Malagasy wedding. This is a once and a lifetime experience....and I am SO excited!! (Have I said I'm excited yet?!?!)

(I'm sure I'll have some St. Paddy's Day pictures for tomorrow - the nationals don't celebrate it but it sounds like the expats are putting on quite the show...as usual...)

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  1. Nicole,

    Wow a nationals wedding and on our 53thd anniversary. I hope ypou enjoy it. Tell him your Grandparents hope that God will bless them with even longer marraige.

    G&G xxoo