Made it! Phew.

Made it safetly to Antananarivo. Wow. That was quite the drive. We left at 10h15 and arrived at 19h30- this included a two pee stops, about an hour for lunch in Brickerville, and a quick chocolate bar/Coca stop in Moramunga (which was interesting because I guess they hadn't heard about the six-foot tall white girl. I definetly caused a scene. )
This like no other...I will post pictures soon...The scenery is amazing, unfortunatly, I missed half of it due to Gravol-induced coma. I won't be making that drive anytime soon (OH....except of course...for Sunday... ick.)

I just finished eating supper at the REALLY nice hotel. It's SUPER clean, has zero ants, and amazing service. I am too busy to check out the spa tomorrow morning...but will SOMEHOW manage to fit it in this weekend.
And about supper...I COMPLETELY forgot its like THE number one rule in Madagascar - DO NOT ORDER FISH OR SEAFOOD FROM ANY CITY/TOWN THAT ISN'T DIRECTLY BESIDE THE OCEAN. If you check out the map...I'm a good 250km away from the ocean. And somehow forgot this....and ordered shrimp curry. I am really hoping for the best. It's been about a half an hour...and still...I feel good. I'm keeping my fingers crossed....and my toes...

I'm also SUPER excited to hit up the Jumbo Score between the church and the celebration. Jumbo Score is Madagascar's version of Walmart and has like....practically everything...(okay...maybe not practically everything.....but...maybe about an eighth of what Walmart would stock. And in this neck of the woods....that's pretty freaking exciting).

Will post pictures or at least a quick update tomorrow. Goodnight!

****UPDATE: I made it through the night with zero stomach upset. Seeing as I am a living, breathing rebel....and ordered seafood in Tana...I made out okay. Now off to the wedding!!!

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