A picture is worth.....

...a thousand words. But...I today....I don't have that many...

Luckily – Madagascar often speaks for itself.

Today’s photo subject could be one of my favorites: the little kids in Madagascar.

Some days on the way to work, I’ll catch a kid staring at me, and I’ll just wave and smile, and I’ll get a super enthusiastic wave and a HUGE grin back. It’s hard to start the day off wrong when that happens.

They are by far the happiest little kids I have EVER seen in my life. A few times I’ve gone into some of the local villages and given out candy or fruit – and they were thrilled!

Some of them LOVE getting their picture taken and then seeing it on screen. Once I went back to the villages to distribute copies of the printed pictures. It was SO exciting for the parents and the children. It was an incredible experience for me and I think I’m going to do it again soon....

I find it's hard to find the time to do any volunteer work here (I work from 7h00 to 19h00 six days a week – and it gets dark by 18h00), so if I could head to the villages to give out fruit and clothes one Sunday a month, I think that would be a good start….

Actually....that IS a good idea. As I'm typing this post…I've decided to do another canal tour. The tour takes us along the canal and stops at a couple of villages...I’ll bring some toys, fruit, candy…maybe even a few soccer balls or something like that…

Just the idea of that has perked me up. Having something to look forward to can make a huge difference here...

Just a few pictures taken in the last six or seven months of the children of Madagascar:

Proud fisherman!

I made some friends on the walk to the beach....

I remember this little girl in the middle so well... she wanted to be in every picture and was adorable.

Click on this one to enlarge the picture....his expression is priceless!

Show offs playing in the water :)

And of course...one of my favorite pictures ever....

From now until then I'll have a reason to go shopping every few days to look for pencils, scribblers/notebooks, clothing, little trinkets and toys, soccer balls...and then go shopping the day before for fruit, candy, and cookies (this HAS to be the day before...or else the cookies will never make it there....I'm...umm....*a bit* of a cookie monster...). I can't wait until March 21st.


  1. My Dearest Grandaughter, What a wonderful way to pay it forward and there is nothing like doing something for someone else to make your day better and give yourself that "all is well in my world feeling" You go girl. I love the pic of the little girl's delight at seeing her own image and the one with the little fisherman showing off his catch. Do the kids talk to you when they walk along? Next time your home maybe we could go shopping for something to tske back for them. As for ther cookie monster we'll make sure theres something for her to take back too.
    Have a better rest of the week.Thanks for sharing your pics.
    Love G@G xxoo

  2. Hi Grandma and Grandpa,

    The little kids don't really speak to me because they haven't learned French yet. They start learning French in primary school, but they know very few words at this age...and I still don't know enough words in Malagasy to understand what they are saying or to really communicate with them.

    I would love it if we could communicate with one another. Soon, I hope, my Malagasy will be good enough. :)

    The people of Madagascar can always use school supplies (pens, crayons, notebooks) and clothing. Of course food too, but that's a little hard to transport and us expats have access to buy lots here.