Reunion Update

Wow wow wow wow wow¸!!!!!!!

This amazing. I was impressed from the second (like THE VERY SECOND) that I checked now.
I will be devastated to leave Saturday morning!!!

(I can't remember if I mentioned or not but I have expat company with me the entire time I'm in Reunion.)
This morning we both woke up early (jetlag...urgh...) and after breakfast went on a driving tour of the island. This place is gorgeous. I am SO HAPPY that we stumbled along this resort...and I can't wait to put up pictures (but the wireless internet isn't letting me).

It looks very...Carribean and very non-French (this is a good thing.. :) )...althought that's all they speak so the other expat is having some difficulties...but I guess its good practice for me before I go back to work on Monday.

I'm so excited - what a FREAKING FABULOUS way to end the vacation! Good location, great hotel, good company and tomorrow....I'm going on my very first helicopter ride! Reunion is an active volanic island and if the scenery is half as cool as what I've seen today, I'll be blown away. Grrr!! I can't wait to post pictures!!!!

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