See ya later Sydney...or not?

As lucky as I am to have the vacation time and resources to travel, I have learned a few things on my Sydney vacation.
1. I don't do well in big cities
2. I don't do well with "tourist" type attractions. I'd much prefer to do an every day activity and just observe (or participate if I'm lucky) in the local culture.
3. I should go into new places with the same level of expectations as I when I first arrived in MG - none.

Maybe...I already knew #1 and #2, so I guess Sydney was a bit of a weird spot to pick for a vacation. And PLEASE don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining at all. I was able to spend two weeks in one of the most beautiful cities, walking around, eating good food, drinking good wine, having great company (and even luckier to catch up with an old friend that I've kept in contact with for the last eight years...), but Sydney wasn't my thing.

I found the people of Sydney (and Manly - the...sort of suburb where I was staying) to be super nice and super friendly, but I totally expected Australia to be this crazy exotic place. But...I guess when you live in MG..."exotic" is a bit more of a relative term (and I didn't see a Kangaroo....I think that's like going to Banff or Jasper and not seeing a bear or an elk or a moose. I did see a few tasmanian devils and a few wallabeys though!)

Looking back, I guess what I should have done after I settled in was booked an outback tour or something and see something out of the city. Apart from my Tasmanian travels, I didn't really take any initiative to venture travel out. I've said many times in the last few weeks, this previous rotation wore me out, so it was probably for the best that I lived a day-to-day "typical" routine. With the exception of the accents and the taxi cabs...I could have been vacationning in Vancouver, maybe?

(I have to side track here and talk about what a wuss I am now when it comes to cold weather. Most of my days in Sydney were sunny, no rain, no clounds - but only like...23 or 24*C. I found this... cold. And the Pacific was freazing! I have always felt like a water rat - there is no keeping me out of the water... Australia...I thought the water was too cold!! YES - I know that sounds completely insane. I'm not quite sure if my body has been able to keep up with my travels... because in MG - I sweat more than the average person - like to the point where my friends make fun of me - but in Sydney, or Tasmania, or Canada....I freeze my butt off!! Okay....back to the point here...)

Depending on where I go....I may have a layover or two in Sydney...or somehting of that sort, but... I think I'll keep my next travel destinations to places a little less populated, with a culture and way of living that is a bit more foreign to pre-MG me, so that I truly experience the gift of world travel.

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  1. I didn't see a kangaroo in Australia until we went to see the Penguin Parade close to Adelaide. And they were in an animal sanctuary, not in the wild. We did see road kill roos in the Northern Territory though, do they count?