The Thanks of an Expat

Thank you to all of the family and friends that have made the effort to keep in touch with me while I'm so far away. Even the little me so much.

Thank you to the expat friends that have continued to help me in whatever way they can. I know you are all going through your own crap too. I'm not the only one who is new to living in MG and having struggles, but sometimes....I forget...

Thank you to the people in Canada that answer the phone when I call. When I can't get a decent connection through, thank you for being patient and repeating each sentence three times because we can barely hear each other. Thank you for listening to my stories, thank you for "talking Canadian" to me and updating me on what's new, and a special thank you for just listening to me if I happen to call crying.

Thank you to the people who read my blog and send me emails about it. I love your feedback. And yes, I must agree, my grandparents are awesome and it is super cute that they comment on almost every post. :D

Thank you to the people who read my blog and don't send me emails about it. There are readers from Belfast, Glasgow, London, Los Angelos, Sechelles.... I don't even know you - but seeing that whatever stuff I seem to dump on here continues to interest you enough to keep reading - brings a smile to my face - and always amazes me.

Thank you to me - for taking the chance to come here and to continue to learn things about myself almost every day. It's not always easy. But somehow I keep doing it - and most days....feel happy about it.

If life is a rollercoaster ride...then expat life is...well...a rollercoaster ride on crack. (I just may have to patent that quote....)


  1. ...sounds like your rollercoaster just went through the dreaded loop-dee-loop...should be all fun now from here back to the platform... :P

  2. Now, what does a lovely young lady like yourself know about CRACK. S'plain your self please. Your welcome, your welcome, your welcome. Thankyou for the continuos entertainment.
    Love G@G xxoo


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