Botswana and Beyond

Last night I went on a walking tour of Victoria falls and they were breathtaking (and I got soaking wet, thank goodness for the waterproof camera!).

After that I went on a sunset cruise of Zambia river - that borders Zimbawe. I saw a hippo and was within about... a meter from a crocodile!! I screamed when he moved - scared the crap out of me!!!

I'm just checking out of my hotel now in Livingstone, Zambia and then making a drive to Elephant Lodge in Chobe National Park in Botswana.

I'm trying to put together a bunch of posts on the activities of the last few days....the pictures I took can't begin to fully show how beautiful it is here. I'm dissapointed to not have spent a few more days in Zambia so that I could learn a bit more about the culture, it is so incredibly beautiful here.

(Apologies for the unanswered emails, I have been a bit rushed seeing the animals and tours, etc and am thinking of you all.)

Not sure what kind of internet connection I'll may be a few more days until you hear from me. Until then, I'm off to Botswana!!!

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  1. Have fun .Don't worry about the e-mails. We know we'll hear from you soon and your blog is great. Imagine, being scared of a little old crocodile. What are you thinkin. love G&G xxoo