Crazy Ash

Does it sound just a little crazy that I'm stressing out because I might not be able to make it to
Canada as planned because of that stupid volcano in Iceland?

MG isn't the most convinient place to get to. (No big surprise there, as it's an island the Indian Ocean that still remains on the government of Canada's list of places to avoid for any "non-essential travel". ). The easiest, and quickest route here and back is to Toronto, Paris, St. Denis Reunion, and then Tamatave. This "quick" way takes 40 hours.

Unfortunately, Paris airports - still remain closed. Urgh.

Let's see....Here are my major plans in Canada:
- FOUR dentist appointments (one is surgery, ICK!)
- one doctor's appointment
- a whole shwack of running around and errands.

If, by Tuesday, the ash hasn't cleared enough for me to fly to Paris and onto Edmonton here are the alternatives:

1. Fly to Bangkok, then to Hong Kong, then to Vancouver, then to Edmonton (which would be incredibly exhausting). Or,

2. Fly to Sydney, then to Vancouver, then to Edmonton (which is equally as long and exhausting). Or,

3. Stay in Reunion, at this amazing resort for a few days

Then book a quick one hour flight to Mauritius (available every single day of the week) and stay at this amazing hotel. Or,

4. Stay a few days in Reunion, then fly to Bangkok and travel wherever I feel like it from there. Or,

5. Stay a few days in Reunion, then fly to Noumea, New Caledonia . Or,

6. Fly to Johanesberg - then wing it...I can take a safari tour in Botswana, visit Kruger Park, Victoria Falls...whatever.

But here I am...on pins and needles, checking whatever website I can find about the progress of the stupid volcanic ash...checking my flight status multiple times a day - even though I don't leave for Paris until Tuesday....panicking that I might not make it to Canada. For my dentist appointments.

Yup, I think, this, is Malacrazy defined.

(For purposes of this post, I'm ingnoring the fact that not going to Canada means that I wouldn't be able to see my family/friends until August. And I've missed them a lot (A LOT) and haven't seen since Christmas).

***Update: All Monday flights are cancelled...and I would much, much rather be stranded in Reunion or Johanesberg than Paris (no offense, Paris....but you're not really my cup of tea. Or mini-cup thingly of expresso). I'm thinking....I'm going to get to Reunion as planned, and then if the flights to Paris look doubtful or that there is a significant chance that I'll be stranded in Paris - that I'm going to fly to Joberg. I've received a looonnnnng list of (safe) things to do there and places to go. After conversation with my grandparents today....I've decided that I have to look at this from the positive point of view. A Vacation in Africa. Two years ago, I would have jumped at the chance....and everything else can be re-arranged and I can come back to Etown in August...a very, very short four months away. No biggie. If I've learned ANYTHING from this MG experience is to deal with the unexpected. In a good way. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow with one of the South African doctors who can tell me a good dentist to go to to get any preventative care while I wait for my surgery, I have a great travelling companion, and...I'm reimbursed for my hotel/travel costs...

Ahhhh, the suspense. I won't know until Tuesday if I'm on a crazy African vacation - or a family/dentist vacation to Edmonton....

Until then....maybe I'll have a glass of wine.....

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  1. That sou8nds like a very well thought out plan. Hang in there. Good luck. Love G&G xxoo