Living the life of luxury....

Starting off with a trip to the laundry mat

And WHAT a deal!! Only €5/load!?! ( is a good deal. I looked at the hotel and it would have cost me over €140 to do my laundry...)
I drank a sports drink while I waited. Being in +30*C, 80% humidity, and having done a quick work out earlier on - I was feeling a bit quesy.

Followed by a fancy dinner at McDonalds (confusion previously described here)

And then to about 22h00.

Am I crazy (okay - don't answer that) that this was one of my funnest days on vacation yet?


  1. Well, well, well living the life of luxory I How exotic, doing laundry and then ending it with Mc'does!
    Looks like you are managing to relax....good for you!
    love, mom


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