Multiple Choice Test

Should I...

A) Stay up all night, checking for updates for flights to Paris and then from Paris? And then scramble to find alternative arrangements at the last minute and risk getting stuck on this freaking island?

B) Drive to the airport, all packed and ready to go, and then find out my flights have been cancelled and spend a number of days trying to find a way off of this freaking island?

C) Succesfully make the flight to Paris, but then risk the chance of getting stranded in Paris? End up on a waiting list to take the next flight out?

D) Make a bunch of flights with ridiculous waiting times in between connections and fly for a solid three days. And hope there are no delays/cancellations....and then hope that I can get back on my original flights back to Tamatave?

E) Cancel my flights to Canada and back; suck it up and realize that June or August are so not far away and I can see my family/friends then; reserve a seat on the next flight to Reunion, book a suite in a five star hotel Reunion for five nights; book a return ticket to Johannesberg; contact every South African on this project for their information about African safari tours and Capetown wine tours; pack a bag with two pairs of shorts, three shirts, four tank tops, a pair of runners, sandals, and a dress....and wing it?

I chose "E". where life get interesting. ('Cause I guess it was getting a little dull around here????)

***Update: Choosing option "E" comes with a few days of....being sad off and on. I miss my family and friends, and...well...I feel like it's a bit whiney and pathetic to be sad....since I'm about to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...but I'm a bit homesick for the Canadians in my life that I used to get to see all the time. I think....what would be for my next contract negotiation - I add in the following clause: each and every vacation includes the cost for up to 10 family or friends to come and meet me. I'll try to ask for first class flights too....but that might just be pushing it a bit. *****


  1. You mad3 the right choice thats for sure. Next conract we get to go first on te travel list because we're the oldest. And I say Thank God for the internet. Whew, never thought I'd say that in my lifetime. Tee Hee.
    Love G&G xxoo

  2. hey I can find someone to negotiate that new contract for you!

    you made the right choice....just enjoy now