No worries and a full belly

Hi Everyone!

I've arrived safe and sound in Livingstone, Zambia after a quick two hour flight from Johannesburg.

This afternoon, I took a very quick tour of Victoria Falls (one of the seven wonders of the world) and will be back again tomorrow for a guided tour. Zambia's (aka Northern Rhodesia) history - from what I've learned so far, is amazing.

I've taken, oh....a few hundred pictures or so....and until tomorrow when I get a chance to upload them, here's what I ate for supper:

Antelope (tastes sort of gamey - but very similar to the zebu I eat in Madagascar
Crocodile tail!! Just the tail section for some reason??? It was a cross between....chicken and fish.
And lastly...warthog!! And...vey tastes like chicken! It was really good and I loved it!!

But now....I can't seem to get that Hakuna Matata song from the Lion King out of my head...

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