Snorkling Pics - Reunion Island

Look - if you're expecting some Jaques Cousteau pics, check out another website...these pictures aren't anything spectacular - but I've had this peice of crap underwater camera for nearly a year and haven't put it to good use until now. So here are some of the better pictures of when I went snorkling at Hotel Du Grand Lagon last week.

Have I mentioned I have an irrational fear of fish???


I think...and hope this is a sea cucumber? If not, Reunion beaches are really, really yucky....
Yes - I'm smiling. Mainly because I'm just happy that any fish haven't bitten me (which is part of my irrational fear...).

That's it, folks. I would one day like to get the courage to learn how to scuba dive...but...let's start with making it back home alive after this Safari trip....