Still here...

I'm still here, just not a whole lot to say (yes, it happens...)

In the mean time, you may have noticed a few changes on my blog. I figured out (sort of) how to make tabs, so it now almost looks like a real blog!

Go and check out the tabs, if you haven't already.

About Me: Just in case you didn't already know enough...there's a little bit more.

Travel Map: I'm still looking for a user-friendly map to put up. Until then, here's a list of my past and future travels.

MG News: Madagascar is a crazy place politically. January 2009 there was a government takeover, rioting in the streets, and hundreds of dealths. It is much calmer now, but there is still a lot of unrest. There is not an approved President....and no one knows what the future holds....Check it out now and again to get the updates on what's going on.

Vocab: I am trying to learn Malagasy. It is FREAKING hard. I like to learn a new phrase once a week... but...between speaking French 85% of my day, English 14% of my day...the language part of my brain is completely confused (and yes, JUST that part!!), so it's a very slow process. But writing it down helps and it also helps me to see the progress...

So that's it....If I still don't have anything to say after the weekend's over....I'll at least put some pictures up...

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  1. I can't even imagine you not having a little something to say. Enjoying the new feature.Love G@Gxxoo