Sunday Birthdays

The past two Sundays were spent at birthday parties!
Birthday #1: Sunday, April 4

Decorations by the expat pool:

One of the birthday boys lovin' his gift. Walmart does this really cool thing where you upload like 25 or so pictures and they make a collage. We had it framed in palisandre, a local type of wood. Figured he needed a special gift since he was turning the big "5-0"!

Party almost in full swing....
The party quickly became a game of "who could beam who in the head with a nerf ball the most" and "who could push who into the pool the most". I think I lost both contests...

And the birthday cake. Any birthday cake in MG never actually makes it to the destination in one peice or without some major damage...
We tried to fix it with chocolate sauce....but this was after a few drinks...

It's supposed to read, Happy Birthday Old Folks (it was a double birthday party).

Uh....don't worry - I won't quit my day job....

Birthday party #2: Sunday, April 11

It was near the beach, about a half an hour's drive from town at the birthday boy's "beach chalets". I've only been there a couple of times but I loooovvvvveee it. It is amazingly beautiful there!

We had this for lunch!! I'm not sure what it was....but I think it was kind of like lamb?

It smelled awesome!! Everyone lined up as soon as we could to get some!

See??? The cake always gets smushed!!! Guess that's pretty likely to happen at 75% humidity and +30*C... (actually - whatever season it is here - the days have been less and less humid. I almost sweat like a normal person now instead of looking like I went for a swim after being outside for about five minutes)
It still tastes just as good though!!

We had to sing for our cake! The birthday boy is a Quebec native and he has this "tradition" every year. Quebec likes to sing a different song than the regular "Happy Birthday". The birthday boy wanted to have each guest sing that song in whatever language that they are from. We had Portugese; French (France French AND Quebec French), Malagasy; English (I was the only English singer!! I through in a few "eh"'s for good measure); German; and dialects from Thailand, Ghana...and a few other countries that I can't even remember!! It was like the United Nations of birthday song singing!!

Once the birthday cake was gone, it was time for some natural dessert. Coconuts!! I'm not a huge fan of coconut water, but I wanted to try it again.

One of the chalet staff jumped up the tree and got some down for us.

Then I went for a quick dip - and had my butt handed to me by the waves - as per usual.

And watched some of the little kiddies run around on the beach. These two are adorable. (I have soooooo many amazing pictures of these two....but I'm not sure how their parents feel about pictures of their kids all over the I'll just post the one. They are just too cute!!)

And... a few hours later, just before sun set, we left for camp.

Not sure what my plans are this Sunday....but I'm due for a day of practicing how to use my camera... I have such an awesome camera with so many amazing features that I just can't figure out!! Guess I'll have to dig out the manual and play around a bit. Hope to post some pictures next week with all the effects!

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