Um....see what I mean about the feelings whiplash?? Last post = I'm ungrateful for everything and can't see the good in life. This post....I have something that I am incredibly, HUGELY thankful for.

I'm thankful for this dog and that she's okay. She is one of the nicest, most gentle, and kind of funny dogs. At 90lbs, she's also one of the biggest dogs in MG.

Her human "mom" and "dad" are two expats that have a house here. They love her to death, and she's a super cute, friendly, and well-behaved dog (except...maybe for the occasional chicken chase through the kitchen of a restaurant....). Us expats are really fond of her as well.

At first, the majority of the MG residents are TERRIFIED of her. One day I got dropped off and my driver saw this dog he RAN back into his car and slammed the door shut. He was petrified.
Now that some of the drivers hear about doggy - and that she's friendly - they are less scared. But she has definetly made her fair share of kids cry... (Actually....she kind of reminds me of me in MG? So huge that I scare a few people, but slowely, MG residents have warmed up to me as they've started to get used to the giant tall vaza...)

Today, this dog's mom and dad's house caught on fire and was destroyed.

Luckily, either the security guards or the fire department managed to break down the door and perform a dog rescue. Doggy's parents are left with very little....and they are in for a serious rough go. I know they are strong enough to get through it - especially since doggy is okay - and will also have the help of about...fifty expats for anything if they need it....even if it's just a shoulder to cry on.

I can't imagine what my expat friends are going through - and it is a horrible day for them - the first of many, I'm sure. But for now, I (along with many, many others) am very, very thankful and happy that one special dog is safe.


  1. And so are we. What a very sad thing to happen to any one. Give them our best. Love G&G xxoo


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