Twilight Zone - Reality Version. I think.

Tonite, I went grocery shopping, bought laundry detergent and face wash, went to a laundry mat, and then drove thirty minutes to have McDonalds for supper. McDONALDS!?!? I never knew such thing existed - on an island - that is 63 kilometres (39 mi) long; 45 kilometres (28 mi) wide - had a McDonalds.

There were two of us, and I'm the only French speaker - so I went up to order. It went something like this: (but in French)

McD worker: Is this order to stay or to go?
Me: eat here. Like, in the restaurant? Is that okay?
McD worker: Okay, what would you like.
Me: you have Big Macs?
McD worker (patiently): yes
Me: Okay. Um... a Big Mac? And... a medium french fry? And... a drink? Can I make that drink a Coca? (for some reason the French drop the "Cola" - don't know why)
McD worker: Okay. Would you like to make that supersized?
Me - very confused: Um... no? I don't think so?

This continued while I ordered my chicken Mcnugget meal. I paid, and then as I was walking away, I asked if they had a toilet (washroom translates here to bath - and no, McDonalds does not have a bath). And he said, yes, there is a toilet. I asked, Could I use it? Now I've completed confused him, and he told me, yes, I can use the toilet. It's just around the corner.

This was...probably the simplest thing that I've ever had to do since "becoming" an expat. But the entire concept...that there was a McDonalds....on this little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean....seemed so incredibly weird that I couldn't understand it.

And while I ate my chicken Mcnuggets (which were fabulous), I watched two little girls giggle and squeal with delight while they chose which Happy Meal toy they wanted. Just like if I was sitting in McDonalds in Canada....or probably anywhere else in the world.

Sometimes I just think the world - and me with it - are so incredibly weird. As I'm typing this, there is a cockroach so big that when he walks his feet make a noise on the cement patio. I heard the noise, looked at him, and then went back to typing. And now I'm going to bed....after just eating McDonalds... on an the middle of nowhere.

No - I'm not drunk or taking drugs. I just think that there are my life...that have changed so incredibly much in the last eight or nine months...that I just can't beleive them.

Oh - and I'm leaving for Johannesberg tomorrow morning. But before, I'll wake up early, go for breakfast at the resort, and stuff my face full of passionfruits. A year ago - I didn't know what a passionfruit looked like.

I think it's time for bed. Maybe my dreams will seem....less surreal.

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