Zzzzzzz....It's 6h00 and I'm just about to leave for breakfast and the airport. Was up really late last night, didn't sleep (excited) and am now very sleepy. Zzzzzzzzzzz....

Yesterday I went shopping at a mall in Johannesburg and felt relatively safe. Had an awesome, awesome taxi driver who answered all of my bazillion questions and talked about the history of South Africa. I can't beleive how different life is here for the blacks and the whites - and especially how different it was until 1994.

Today is the celebration of independance here - where Nelson Mandela overturned all the rules against the blacks. Up until this day in 1994, black people weren't allowed in certain parts of the city, had a curfew, couldn't use the same toilets as white people, the list goes on... I'm kind of dissapointed not to be spending the day here, I'm interested what the celebrations would be like.

So, I'm off to Zambia. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, scared, EXCITED, tired (it's so early here!!) and can't wait to get on the plane. Also can't wait to have been to a country that starts with the letter "z". That's pretty unique in itself (and I'm still half asleep).

Be back soon with the events of the safari!!


  1. Happy photo hunting. We're all expecting big things from our African photographer. Have fun. Love G&G xxoo


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