Sunset Cruise - Victoria Falls

Next stop after the first visit to Joberg was Livingstone, Zambia. The hotel was pretty good, and town was wonderful, and the walking tour of the falls was amazing! My last night in Zambia we went on a sunset boat cruise, which began with a bottle of the local beer, Mosi. Was pretty good....and mild...which was nice 'cause I'm not really a beer drinker.
The sun was still out and the scenery was awesome, of course...
The boat ended up being filled with a few lushes (I may or may not be including myself...) and another boat was called in for back up delivery of beer.
I switched over to Gin and Tonic - seemed more appropriate for a boat cruise in Livingstone? And tonic - if you don't already know - contains quinine - which a natural treatment for malaria - so it's good for my health, right?

We saw a few birds, a hippo head or two, and then - my first crocodile!! I was quite comfortable observing him at this distance.
The tour guide, felt otherwise....

The croc was soooo still....I started to think this crocodile was maybe fake? It just seemed SO huge with a super full belly... and this is a tourist attraction, right?
Until he decided that he was annoyed with all of us taking his picture and darted for the water (and, yes, like a new-safari-person, I screamed).
We stopped for a quick snack and to test out the bush toilet (which, FYI, I am a total expert in since moving here) and enjoyed the sunset and the Smoke That Thunders a.k.a Victoria Falls.
I was sure happy our boat had a strong motor....I felt like we were getting maybe a bit too close to the falls....with a pretty strong current!
But, we made it back safe and sound. Sort of. We were dropped off at a different hotel. Well...after a few G&Ts...I needed some help. Luckily this bellhop (in a super cute uniform) called a taxi and saved the day. Went for supper in town to a half decent Indian restaurant in town, and then called it a night....
Next stop in the Accidental African Adventure Part 2...Botswana!

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