Great Advice

A struggle I have as an expat is that I feel awful and guilty whenever I'm not happy. I go through ups and downs in life, just like everyone, but because I see what I see every day, I think that I should just be happy because I am have food, clothing, water, and shelter. And a lot of people in MG don't have that.
But - feeling bad about feeling bad...just seems to make me feel.....worse.

Somehow I got in a conversation about this very subject with a lady I met last night.. Her words brought me great comfort. Basically she something to the extent of that life is life and it's not easy. Regardless if you're born in a third world country or born in a first world country - it still has it's ups and downs. The poverty and hardship in a third world country is not my fault, and I shouldn't be harsh on myself for having feelings - just because I grew up in a different environment then those born in Madagascar.

It doesn't mean that I should accept poverty. It doesn't mean that I should ignore it. I can still do things in my power to help out the people of MG and donate my time and money (more on that coming soon - it's very exciting - a bunch of expats are working on a project for a local orphanage - but of course - since it's MG - there is a bunch of red tape to go).

It means that I shouldn't compare my feelings to anyone else's feelings. I feel what I feel, and as long as I learn how to deal with my own life - that's all that matters.

Which I a great peice of advice for wherever you are any place in the world. Learn how to deal with your own life. Sounds pretty easy.....right? Ha!

(Also, best wishes to my grandpa today. Thinking of you lots and miss you! Hope you're well soon and when I'm back I'll take you out to McDonalds - my treat.)


  1. I will pass on your message especially the Macdonalds. He's already asking for that. What else is new. Thats just only Grandpa.Love Gxxoo


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