Happy Wednesday

Last night I was looking back on my blog...and was shocked that it has been almost a year since http://www.nb-in-mg.blogspot.com/ was created. June 12 2009 was my first post!!

It made me reflect/realize a few things:

1. I was like....umm...extremely unique - a.k.a "crazy" or "at-times-over-emotional" (please find me a girl/woman that isn't) - before I came to Madagascar.
2. I remember feeling homesick on my first two-week vacation away from Canada in 2006. So...maybe I need to cut myself some slack that I'm not handling homesickness as well as I would like to be at the moment...
3. From my very first rotation, I had some pretty big ups and downs. Seems par for the course.
4. After a few months of being here, I thought I was brave for walking near a gecko and not screaming. I thought I was super tough when I started killing ants with my BARE HANDS and not a kleenex. Um... princess-much??
5. In MG, SO MUCH can change in the span of one month and SO MUCH can stay way too the same.
6. I grew up in a small-ish city and never really knew/thought of/experienced any harsh realities or....even less-than-harsh realities of the rest of the world. When I read about my experiences about MG and a few other places I've been, I think it makes me sound like I'm from a mega-red-neck from an isolated town in the middle of Kansas with a population of 1200.
7. It's possible that #6 probably makes this blog more interesting and that's why people I've never met read it.
8. It's a safe assumption that a minimum 75% of all expats are CRAZY. I just choose to blog about it.

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  1. ...expat's aren't really crazy...they're just living from their spirit side... no fear... adventure and romance... Anyone can work a 9-5 and live in a box... People read your blog because somewhere deep inside they want to be fearless too... xx