Le sick

I'm officially uber sick.

But, is it crazy that I'm so excited for ONCE it's finally not my stomach!?! I'm releived to be sick in Madagascar with something NORMAL - even though it's left me feeling like I'm on my deathbed (okay...part exaggeration...but I do feel pretty rough).

And...yet again (I'm not sure WHEN I'll learn this!!) I got the whole speech from the Doctor of "Why didn't you come see me sooner!!".

On the plus side (fortunately) last night, I had a visit from some friends, talked about expat stress, (hopefully didn't make them sick!!), and felt better emotionally anyway. Turns out I'm right...they feel the same way I do sometimes. Imagine that.

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  1. ...isn't it nice to be sick in bed, and not sick in the toilet... for a change