Nxabega to Franschoek

Hello from Nxabega!!!

Just another quick update on where I am....

I'm staying in Nxabega Safari Camp, which is in the middle of the Okavanga Delta, Botswana. I'm staying in a "tent" but this tent is pretty unbeleivable. It's referred to as "luxury safari" and that it is indeed.

The day starts out with a mini-breakfast at 6h00, then a game drive, then tea, then back to camp, then brunch, then nap or rest, then high tea at 15h30, then game drive (or boat ride), stop for a snack, and then return to camp around 20h00 for a three course supper.

These game drives are a little less adventurous than in Kasane, but still interesting. Sometimes it's a bit cheesey and too..."touristy" for me....but I don't think anyone ever comes back from a game drive/boat ride and says - wow - that was a waste of my time!! It's still been enjoyable.

Since I've been doing game drives/boat rides for probably eight hours a day combined for the past six or seven days, I decided to take this afternoon off and hang out at the resort and enjoy the atmosphere - in peace and quiet (Post to come soon about peice and quiet....it's been an interesting part of the past couple of days).

Looks like I'll have left my first Safari tour without REALLY seeing a hippo. They stay mainly in water and I've only seen a close up of their ears and eyes. Guess that means I'll have to do this again someday. Also might mean that I'm lucky because a woman was killed by a hippo last summer. They can be really agressive!

Tomorrow morning I'm up very, very early to go to Franschhoek. For some reason I'm booked on a very long way there with lots of stops, which should provide some entertainment, I'm sure.

On the way here I had to leave a FULL SUITCASE at the Kasane airport. It wasn't too heavy, but they said it was too hard and it couldn't be transported. It's currently in "storage" near the airport in Kasane. I'm not sure if "storage" is the code word for "kiss your luggage goodbye, lady", but I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

If that's the case looks like there will be a mini shopping spree at the Johannesburg airport tomorrow!


  1. Nicole, I too am catching with your blog.

    The trip sounds absolutely amazing....see with the bad....comes good! Glad the trip is going well and you sound like you have definately destressed.

    I look forward to your pix.

    love, mom

  2. We too, can hardly wait to see the pictoria journey. Did you see Giraffe? Good luck with your luggage.I am delighted about Tricia's wedding and of course J&L staying together. TTYS Love G&Gxxoo