Crazy Canuck

It's nearly 03h00 Edmonton time...but those are the effects of the jet-lag I guess. What an eventful little trip!

In Paris, the airport was evacuated because there was a suspicious package. I was a bit confused as to what was going on and asked a flight attendant a question, and he got very stern with me, so I yelled at him in French. Maybe not the nicest thing to do, but I was later impressed that I could get mad at someone in French. And he was being such a jerk! Anyway, a few minutes later, the bomb squad came in and blew up the package (made a super loud noise!!!), and we could go back in.

Then, while I was getting a manicure, I saw Ricky Martin! I felt like such a dork because it was killing me not to go and get a picture with him. He even made eye contact with me. Geez!

There was an earthquake while I was in Toronto, and then when I went to get off the plane in Edmonton, I guess there was some kind of (unknown) "incident" because we were not allowed off until the RCMP came on board.

But then I came to arrivals....and there was a television crew beside my grandpa...thought that was a bit off. I went up to my grandpa and hugged him just as the crew started taping. And then I burst into tears for about...4 minutes. The TV crew left us alone for a bit, my grandma came over (she was distracted somewhere else), and she came over, and then we all cried for about another 10 minutes. What losers we all are.
The TV crew came back but I couldn't really answer any of their questions very well...hope they don't make the 6 'oclock news!

My grandparents babysit two little girls and they were with us - a 3 year old and a 6 year old - so we went out to Dairy Queen for supper...and then I came back to their house to spend the night.

What an eventful trip!!

So far...Canada looks the same! Hasn't changed much in six months. :D

Can't wait to get a drive-thru coffee tomorrow!!!