Field Trip

Welcome to the Association for Protection of Childhood (ASPE) located in the "county" of Betainaomby. I pass by this area every single day on my way to and from work.

These homes house up to one hundred and twenty childrenThe ASPE is home to three different groups of children: children who are orphaned; children whose parents are in jail; and children who are at risk (mainly children that have been caught stealing food).
A group of 7 expats have committed to donate to this home. Our monthly contribution was just under $350 CDN. The woman in charge of the home asked if she could purchase mattresses with our donation.
Of course, we had no objections...The boys aged 11 to 17 are taught how to tend to the garden and the chicken coup. Last month there was a large sale of 250 chickens for approx $2/kg.
The girls aged 11 to 17 are taught embroidery, sewing, and needlework.
Children under 11 are in school during the day. This home receives enough government financial assistance to operate for 3 months out of the year. The rest of the year they rely on donations and the sale of their chickens and sewed goods.

I was re-reading this post...and it seems so....emotionless. I think it's because after the tour ...I wasn't entirely convinced that I was making a difference here.
Seems perhaps like a defeatist attidude (ooooh!! big word!!), but I don't truly believe all of the donated money isn't falling into the wrong pockets. I've also decided that I'd rather spend my money buying notebooks, blankets, rice, etc. and dropping that off at the home. I also thought....if half of the donated money gets to the's half of the money they didn't have before. Yes, it sucks, but...that's reality. I could be completely wrong. Perhaps these funds are managed and the kids/home do receive the entire benefit. It's just a feeling I had.

I've written here many times that I'm struggling to find a way to give back to the community. I'm still not sure I've found the right one...but every little bit counts....

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  1. Rest assured that anything you do today is something that wasn't being done yesterday. God bless your heart and your efforts. You are doing your christian duty to the best of your ability. I think your idea of making the purchases yourself are a good idea. you just have to figure out how to get it delivered. One thing that you could do is to get the birthdates and send them a birthday card on their birthday. If you want to do that I will personally give you $50.00 bucks to buy some cards. I challenge other readers of this blog to do a small part to help these children know they are important and deserve to be regognized on their birthday. YOU GO GIRL !Love G&G xxoo