Hungry Hippos

One of the animals that I didn't really get to see up close on my last trip was hippos. There were many times I thought the guides were getting far too close to the animals - but - they would NEVER go near the hippos. And even when we'd see some hippos, they would slow their boat down and be carefully watching the behaviour of the hippos. As soon as one would break away from the pod, the guide would start up the boat and immediately head away. I learned that hippos are very aggressive and one of the most dangerous animals in Africa!

Here are a few of the pictures I got...unfortuantely (or maybe not, given how aggressive they are) we never saw any out of the water in the evening (but heard them often in the night when I stayed at Africa-Disney Nxbega. They make like... a deep laughing kind of noise?)

Here's a group of hippos in their pod. An adult can spend up to 5 minutes under water (I had to google that fact...not consult my notes :-P)

We're being watched!!

And now chased!

As close as we got to the hippos. My first somewhat-out-of-water sighting.

Umm...nice view.

These guys (and gals) can weigh up to three tonnes!

Anyone remember "It's a race, it's a chase, hurry up and feed their face! Who will win, no one knows! Feed the hungry hip-ip-pos! Hungry Hungry Hippos, open up and there it goes!!"?
These guys look mean and like they can eat anything! Now I understand where the game Hungry Hungry Hippos comes from!

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