Last stop - Franschoek

The last stop on my trip was Franschhoek, Cape Winelands.

The last blog entry left off here, in Nxbega.

It was about an hour or so drive (no helicopter this time!), then back on this little teeny plane.We arrived back in Kasane (where I was so happy to see my luggage ); then did the reverse of the journey from Botswana to Zambia (while listening to a bunch of senior citizens talking about their hip replacements..); then fly from Zambia (Livingstone) to Johannesburg; then fly from Johannesburg to Capetown; then drive to Franschhoek.

It was a LONG day of travelling...and was the longest possible route. Three countries in one day!

FINALLY arrived at La Fontaine guest house about 19h00 (after leaving Okavanga at 4h30...)
What a house!
Amazing views!
Each night I'd sit in the reading room, and drink South African port and read intellectual magazines like all accountants do. (Yah right!!)
The little cat kept coming into the room for some cuddles!!Every morning I'd walk to this little cafe for breakfast. When in South Africa....drink sparkling wine and orange juice for breakfast... it was awesome! And cheap!
My stay in Franscheok was only three days and unfortunately it rained most of the time. I found a used bookstore, stocked up on books, and spent two days drinking hot chocolate, reading in bed, and eating gourmet pizza for supper. Talk about great ending to a great vacation!!

Of course, the last day the sun came out! I decided to go to the spa and was lucky enough for the owner of the house to give me a ride.
While I was waiting to get picked up, I walked around the spa grounds to find lemon and lime trees. The smell was incredible.
Made me hungry for lunch!! I MISS SALADS AND GOOD FOOD!!!
Nothing beats live entertainment and a great meal!
Then it was back to the airport. One quick night in Johannesburg, another in Reunion (unfortunately not the hotel I stayed in on the way, I love that place..).......A quick one hour flight....and then back to Tamatave.

What an amazing vacation.

It wasn't perfect, there were definetly some ups and some downs and I missed my family a lot . But overall? It was an INCREDIBLE adventure that I will always remember...

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