Perfect would be boring

As I've mentioned a lot the past month or hasn't been easy for me here. Health crap, family illnesses, the ending of a significant friendship, ALL while being far away from really got to me.

During the week that I was away from Tamatave, I had some time to think....and realize/remember just how much I like it here...and how my struggles living la vida expat were just general life issues complicated by being so far away from everything that I know. Yes, I've adapted to life here a lot....but I've still got a looonnnngg way to go.

This weekend wasn't perfect...but...perfect would be boring....but FINALLY (it has seemed like FOREVER!!) I've started to feel like my old self again. (Maybe *a bit* too much like my old self because I drank far too many glasses of wine on Friday and Saturday night...but it was nice to get back into the swing of things. Just have to remember that "in moderation" concept again...)

I've noticed that in the past few months, I've become a lot less social...which makes my rotations longer and - life in general - a lot less fun.

I went out Friday night, dancing Saturday night (and looked a hot pictures, thankfully!) and then to the beach chalets on Sunday (made an attempt at boogie boarding and had my butt handed to me by the per usual...). It was so nice to get out and DO things again...and remember the social creature that I am.

I've said SO many times....having something to look forward to either Saturday night or on our day off on Sunday makes the rotation go by SO fast! And how true - I just looked today and I have FIFTEEN days until I leave for Canada. That means I only have two weekends of fun before I leave!??! (Oh right...can't forget the thirteen days of work too... ;))

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  1. YOU GO GIRL ! See you soon. Love G&G xxoo