Proof is in the...Roll...

Last night I went to a party/work function and drank entire two and a half glasses of wine. Wasn’t really ready to go home when my ride was ready to leave....but given it was a work function and a MONDAY thought it be best not to have an all nighter...

Went outside to get into the SUV, and there was a lack of spaces. This meant that someone had to sit in the far back seats.

No one could figure out how to get in the back.

Except for me.

Then I did what can only be described as a leap combined with a summersault roll– while wearing a skirt - in front of my boss. All seventy two inches (one hundred and eighty three centimetres) of me came together in almost gazelle-like in gracefulness.
I’m nothing but pure class.

And then, upon arriving to camp, I had to go on a hunt to find the keys to my villa.

Yup....the old me is totally back.

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