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Lately, I have started to write a few blog posts...and never finish them. In the last little bit I've received some...backhanded remarks about my blog. Nothing major...

Basically, the fact that I choose to make my crazy thoughts public knowledge makes me a target for people to judge my them. That's all fine and great...but sometimes it makes wanting to blog difficult. And I find myself thinking about what the negative-people will think about what I write. And then I remember that one of the things I always talk about is learning to care LESS about what people think of me. It's something I've struggled with since forever.
I think the blog - along with some of the choices that I've made in the little bit - serves practical life lessons on how to do this. I continue to do/say things that I want to do and maybe it provokes some reactions or judgements. I'm not really responsible for those reactions...so I don't have to deal with them...

Well, when I say it so logically...it doesn't sound that hard after all. I write in this blog for myself and my family. That's all that matters.

So...I'll start by writing and publishing a post about my day. I had.. a lot of ups and downs. Here goes:
  1. I feel like I wasted half of my morning dealing with stupid crap.
  2. I'm excited/nervous/sad to go to Canada - there are good things waiting for me along with a few sad things too.
  3. The last week or so - especially today - I feel like I've been struggling with the English language. At times I feel like my French is improving...and my English is getting worse. But I don't speak well enough French to properly communicate or convey my message. I struggle to find words or make proper sentences in both languages. It's probably nothing and just a result of me having five days to go until the end of a very long and eventful rotation...
  4. I am surrounded by people that make my life full of smiles. I get nice and funny emails; quick conversations in Malagasy (which always end in laughter and smiles from both parties); and friendly staff.
  5. I used to share a ride with a fellow co-worker...but things got too complicated and I can't share a car with him anymore. As I already complained about last week...this results in the chase for a ride. I have a regular ride to work, but today I wasn't on the ball to get a ride for lunch. I gave up and ate cereal at my desk - which resulted in me feeling majorly sorry for myself. Which accomplishes nothing.
  6. See #4. This is important enough to mention twice...
  7. My air conditonner broke at work and I sweat so much I made my hair damp. Le gross.
  8. I had a great hour-and-a-half long meeting today where I actually felt like something major was accomplished. :D
  9. There was a super smushed up dead dog on the middle of the road tonight.
  10. My hair hasn't been done since early March. I look like shaggy porcipine.

That's all I got... I think it's time for some yoga, some tea, and some bed. Goodnight!

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  1. Remember when you started this blog it was to help you manage your time away from home by writing about your experiences, good ,bad or indifferent. A little like talking to yourself out loud.It certainly wasn't for the entertainment value that we all get from it. Soooooooooooo what the hell do you care if someone doesn't like what you write. Those of us that really know you realise that there is always going to be some good stuff coming. If not today certainly another day. SO KEEP THINKING OUT LOUD FOR THOSE OF US WHO REALLY CARE.We love you. G&G.xxoo