Sunday Fun

I had a great another great Sunday! Somehow, I invited myself to go golfing with a group that goes every week.

Beautiful Drive:
Drive thru breakfast:
Always remember to stretch before golfing!!
We had to choose a caddy. I picked two - one for my clubs and one for my purse. (Yes the little one that carried my purse got extra money for the...teasing that he will likely ensue...)
I know...I'm rocking this hat. I forgot a hat, so I bought one at a stand along the way. I think it's made from dried banana leaves or something?
My purse caddy and his friends
All together now...
Does it look like....I may have had a few cocktails on the course?

Nah... Here I am drinking plain fruit juice (and sweating my face off!)!!
Poser shots:

Angry golfer shots. We were fighting about who won the game...
Obviously it was me!!
Okay...mayyyyybe there were a few cocktails on the course...

Next stop - lunch at a beach restaurant!

I didn't go swimming....but it was tempting!!
We had fresh chicken for lunch

Okay...and maybe a few more cocktails...
And then it was back to the camp. Where I was wisked away to another beach! This one was close to the camp. It was pretty chilly...and...I was pretty drunk. I forgot my camera (probably a good thing) but it was nice to spend the afternoon at the beach AND we found a great little place that a bunch of us could spend Saturday night and have a little...fĂȘte!!
Great weekends like this always seem to make the weeks go by so much quicker!!