A full weekend

Nothing beats a FULL weekend!

I work Saturdays to account for the time off I get every six weeks. Not that bad of a deal, but sometimes only having one day off a week gets a little tiring.

Not this weekend!!

Today, we had a "team bonding" Finance party at Datsarah Village - where I went to almost a year ago. There was dancing, beach volleyball, dominos (yes, dominos), kareoke, and kayaking. It was a full day and accountants sure know how to party!
One of my favorite moments was singing kareoke to a cheesey love song with a co-worker while pretending to look dreamily into each other's eyes! We put on a good show...and maybe, I'm starting to fit in here!

Tomorow is golf and a bbq. Awesome weekend!! Be back soon with pictures and a less lame of a post!