I'm kind of a BABY....

...when it comes to goodbyes...

As much as I needed to come home, and as happy as I am, I certainly don`t miss the goodbyes.

I have NEVER been good at the distance-goodbyes-thing.

When I was 18, my parents moved to British Columbia. The first two years that we were living in different provinces I would cry like a BABY the entire airplane ride home (yes, I looked pathetic!). My parents and I were separated by a very short 1.5 hour plane ride; I saw them every few months; and we spoke on the phone a few times a week...but I just hated the goodbye part and could never get used to it.....

Finally, after going through the years of gut-wrenching goodbyes, we came up with the "Stop-drop-and roll" idea. My parents would drop me off in the departures parking zone; barely slowing down to a stop, chuck my bags, and say a super quick goodbye, and then leave. I`m not sure which one of us came up with the idea, but THANK GOODNESS we did because if not I think ten years later I would still be a crying BABY every time we said goodbye!!!

Anyway, I had one goodbye tonight and it was much harder than I thought. I have two more nights of goodbyes and I find myself a little anxious over it. I always think it will be no big deal and when the time comes, I embarrasingly cry like a BABY again. I'll only be gone for six short weeks!!! I was gone for six months and was fine....so six weeks aren't the end of the world!

But...I'll still cry....and then make everyone else cry... 'cause I'm kind of a BABY sometimes.


  1. Nicole, I still talk about the stop, drop and roll. Hey if it works....don't knock it!
    I have told many people about this and I get a chuckle everytime I tell the story.
    So not such a baby, just sensitive.
    love mom

  2. No kidding. I think you come3 by it quite naturally but I'm not going to say who you get that from. Love G&G xxoo


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